Cold Nights and Hot Days – Remote Starters

Everyone has experienced cold nights and hot days. Cars act as giant insulators, attracting temperature then sealing it in for the owners to feel. The summer brings the sun beating into your car all day and its Hot! You sit down, get ready to go, and you cannot bear the heat another second. Then we have to tolerate the season of winter which isn’t just hard on cars but can be hard on drivers too. Most everyone has experienced getting into a cold car on a winter morning, will probably agree.  You run out of the house, scrape the ice from your windshield, fight with your frozen lock cylinder to start the vehicle so that it can thaw out and hopefully when you sit down on your nice leather seats you don’t jump right back up because it is colder inside the vehicle than it was outside trying to get into it.  Twenty minutes and a runny nose later, you’re finally on your way with decent warmth from your heater. Sound like a typical morning or night? You can put the brakes on the “Icebox on wheels” by using a remote starter.  You know its going to be cold in the morning. You would set the heat and defroster in your vehicle to high the night before. When you wake up in the morning, start the vehicle while you are getting ready. Your engine will be warmed, windows defrosted and the cab of the vehicle will be heated. How much better could it be? It works the same in the summer. Set your air conditioner to high cold. Remote start the vehicle five minutes before you are  ready to leave and it will be like a freezer when you open the door!

A Remote Starter will provide their owner with years of comfort and convenience, if properly installed. Remote start units have the ability to start the vehicle from a distance, usually around 600-1000 feet, by remote. Most remote car starters also have the ability to remotely lock and unlock your doors.  Along with the comfort of having your vehicle climate controlled when you open the door, most remote start units also have a built in keyless entry function. This will allow you to lock and unlock your doors from the press of a button. This is especially handy when locks are frozen and you simply need to open the vehicle, not start it. Keyless entry saves you time, hassle and keeps those annoying paint scrapes caused by keys away!

Remote start units come with a wide range of options. Conveniently built with your lifestyle in mind.  With this variety of remote starters available, which is best for you?  Remote start system with one-way mini one button transmitter – is a basic remote start system. The mini one button transmitter serves multiple purposes it can start your car, unlock-lock your door and is hybrid and diesel vehicle compatible.  A Remote start and keyless entry system with one-way transmitter- Convenience! Start your car on a cold or warm day from the comfort of your house or unlock-lock the doors with a push of a button. With the professional series the convenience of both is there.  Remote start and keyless entry system for manual transmission vehicles – This system is a first ever manual transmission remote start and keyless entry system offering the latest in connections, capabilities and compatibilities. Remote start and keyless entry system – start your car from inside the mall, in your apartment or house. This allows you to choose selectable run times up to 60 minutes allowing you to set the time that fits your lifestyle. The keyless entry function was built for convenience and allows you the ability to unlock or lock and pop the trunk with a simple press of the button while the chrome metal housing will protect the remote control from everyday keychain wear and tear.

When selecting a Remote Start it is best to seek out a Professional for installation as it is not such an easy task to install, plus a professional can guide you as to what unit is best based on the features you are looking to get fro your vehicle.  In addition, full warranty will be given with a professional installation which is peace of mind for such an awesome convenience.  Prices range according to the features selected on your Remote Starter and the Year, Make, and Model of your vehicle.

Get out of the Cold…….Get your Remote Starter today.  Remote Starters make great gifts for Christmas and Gift Certificates are available call A Custom Car Stereo Center at (401) 946-0010 for more information.

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